Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the Spring 2018 Athena / Classic / RPL / RIAS tournament for the age group.
12U Boys RIAS 19 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Butts County Leisure Services - McLendon Jackson 0Y219-01RB12-0076   Ryan McLendon
 A2 TCSA Warriors 12u Reidsville 0Y293-01RB12-0008   Juan Martinez
 A3 Ordaz Soccer Academy - BR12U Chamblee 0Y312-01RB2U-0004   Diego Ordaz
 A4 Mountain United S.A. - BRU12 Blairsville 0Y196-01RB12-5589   Alex Ortiz
 A5 Kennesaw City Soccer Club - BRU12 Kennesaw 0Y309-01RB12-0006   Chadd Nunnally
 A6 Old Capitol SL - BRU12 Milledgeville 0Y203-01RB12-0208   Andy Brock
 A7 Rapids FC 12UB Franklin Carnesville 0Y201-01RB12-1856   Jason Thomas
 A8 Rapids FC 12UB Stephens Toccoa 0Y201-01RB12-1858   Steve Burtt
 A9 Rapids FC 12UB White Sautee Nacoochee 0Y201-01RB12-1857   Michael Whitlark
 A10 Rapids FC 12UB Habersham Toccoa 0Y201-01RB12-1862   Robbie Green
 A11 Steamers FC - BR12U-RAGAN Snellville 0Y167-01RB2U-5684   Saji Urumbil
 A12 Stemers FC - B12U Ventura Lawrenceville 0Y167-01RB12-5647   Muhamed Ahmetovic
 A13 AUSA DEV - 12U BOYS - Heil Athens 0Y106-03RB12-5120   Eric Heil
 A14 AUSA DEV - 12U Boys - Coleman Athens 0Y106-03RB12-5119   Aziz Coleman
 A15 RYSA Eagles 12B Conyers 0Y208-02RB12-0856   Matt Butler
 A16 RYSA Predators 12B Conyers 0Y208-02RB12-0857   Ashley Peters
 A17 Ordaz Soccer Academy Smyrna - BRU12 Chamblee 0Y312-01RB12-0011   Diego Ordaz
 A18 Ordaz Soccer Academy Forest Park - BRU12 n/a 0Y312-01RB12-0013   n/a
 A19 AUSA DEV 12U Coed - Williams Athens 0Y106-03RB12-5121   Michael Williams